Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carmen Miranda & the White House

In fourth grade I did a dance in our church musical where we sang in Spanish about the Fruits of the Spirit and one of my peers macaranaed around wearing a fruit turban in all the glory of Carmen Miranda. I think I was cast as an apple (though I'm less sure what that represented). Each time I hear mention of these biblical "fruits" I shimmy my shoulders a bit and start singing in Spanish. My childish memory, but today I'm reminded that the calling's much deeper. 

I realize some days, like today, how difficult it can be for me to live out the fruits of the spirit. I get stubborn, impatient, frustrated, etc, etc... and out the window they seem to go. Yet their evidence in our lives is a necessary part of living out our faith. Galatians is one of those tried and true books that I always flip past - having felt like I conquered it's depth in fourth grade - but today I reread it and discovered its wisdom completely anew. 

The Spirit and the sinful nature are always in conflict, always at odds, always competing in their desires (5:17). Whenever my heart's at unease, it's likely because I'm failing to yield to the Spirit. After naming the characteristics of the sinful nature - Paul's not just going to let us skirt past! - we're reminded of the fruits grown from a life rooted in Christ. 

Years ago in the front cover of my Bible I copied this poem. A reminder, in all my need for pragmatics!, at how love is at the heart of living out godly character.

Love is the Key

"Joy is love singing.
Peace is love resting. 
Long-suffering is love enduring. 
Kindness is love's touch.
Goodness is love's character. 
Faithfulness is love's habit. 
Gentleness is love's self-forgetfulness.
Self-control is love holding the reigns."

- Donald Grey Barnhouse

After touring the House of our nation's leadership this morning in DC, I realize leadership in my own life starts awfully small, at some profound and childlike basics.
*Cha Cha Cha!*


Annemarie said...

Is it strange that everytime I see Kenny in a picture I immediately think "Good times"? :)

Well, it was good times this morning. It was a pleasure to share an umbrella with you! See you again soon! Have fun on the rest of the tour, Allie.

Cheryl Trowbridge said...

I remember that dance.....but I thought you were a strawberry!! :)

kennykimdotcom said...

cha cha cha?! I can't get that out of my head now. Thanks for letting me hang out w/ you guys. You and DJ are so cute together you guys make me sick. :)

Look forward to hanging out w/ you guys again! much love!