Friday, March 28, 2008

Fox News & Santa Barbara Sun - What a week!

It has been such a fun week! Most unexpected: working with Fox News anchor Uma Pemmaraju (right) to get David Batstone on "Geraldo" this Sunday night!! She has been a joy to work with, pulling this production together so last minute. I feel so honored to be discussing framing the story with her - absolute wow. Not to mention, I enlisted on a hunt to find an American teen trafficking survivor, and we actually pulled something together. Uma will be interviewing her and her mother tomorrow in NJ (such a powerful and harrowing story) and then Dave will be broadcast live by satellite from SF on Sunday. I can't believe we're getting this kind of national air time -- the campaign just continues to explode.

TUNE IN Sunday Night, FOX News -- 8pm PST

Not only has it been an exciting work week, but it has been a blast to be back home in Santa Barbara! The days have been gorgeous -- summer has hit! Easter Sunday we went to church at Reality, and were blessed to see so many people come to Christ at the end of the service. I got chills! Afterwards, DJ had a bunch of friends up to the Freedom House, and all the ladies cooked dinner. We watched Gary & Missy's wedding video, which was an absolute highlight!

Monday I went Sailing with Christina -- what an adventure! Let's just say...we need some coaching. GOOD NEWS: We didn't run the boat into the sand, or the jetty, or another boat. Big success!! And then somehow the wind sent us spinning in circles and a man who couldn't speak English pulled up next to us, tied a rope to the front of our boat, and tugged us the last bit in! We were like, "well, I guess we're done!" He must not have had much faith in our sailing skills! That night my parents and brother came through town, and I had the great pleasure of taking them and DJ out to Los Arroyos (our favorite Mexican spot in Montecito).

Tuesday was a blast too! I cooked for DJ, Alison, Brooke, Christina (& Trish in spirit!) all up at the house. We talked for hooooours. Alison keeps saying, "I didn't expect to have that much fun!" We gotta get our friends to "up" their fun-expectation when they're around us. Best of all, the girls all had matching outfits for our picture! Too fun. I love cooking for friends, and spontaneous dinners like these!

Wednesday (above) DJ and I had an outdoor BBQ with our Homegroup - it was so windy! And after I met with my Cambodia group for the first time (more to come on that).

The sailing fiasco was not enough to keep me off the water! Thursday morning, bright and early, Paige and I were on the open ocean! We went kayaking and had a blast!!! Don't tell Paige, but my arms are sore! She's way tougher than I am. I couldn't say anything controversial to her though cause she was sitting behind me and had all splashing and paddle-whacking power! We got yelled at for not wearing life jackets by the harbor patrol and saw tons of dolphins (thought of you Alison!). I can't wait to go again!

As well as from some beautiful runs along Butterfly beach, some great conversations on the Biltmore wall, and a fun shopping trip with Brooke in Paseo -- I also got in a quick beach trip with a few of my BEAUTIFUL "M" girls! These were the ladies I was an RA for my sophomore year at Westmont. I feel like I'm hanging out with sisters when I'm with them. They are beyond wonderful, and such a blessing to me!

It has been the most incredible whirlwind traveling this past month, but this past week in Santa Barbara has been a sunny breath of fresh air :)

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Karen Mikols said...

Allie! I'm DYING to get that recipe DJ was raving about ... and now I see YOU hailing the dinner on your blog ... c'mon! Share that awesome secret recipe! :-)